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Dog ownership can be a very rewarding experience but for some it doesn’t come easily. That’s because dogs don’t naturally know how to respond and behave in a human environment and vice versa. Behaviors that are completely normal to a dog are often “unwanted” or “undesirable” to their humans. Additionally their means of communication involves body posture, voice tone and energy levels; an approach to communication that is unnatural to the people in their lives.

As a dog owner and avid dog rescuer I truly understand the challenges that average dog owners face and I wanted to put together a program that offers a practical, effective and affordable approach to improving relationships between humans and their dogs while empowering owners to teach (or unteach) any behavior they want. And this is how was born.

After years of working with dogs and various trainers with varying techniques I’ve settled on the one technique I find to be the most effective, the easiest to learn and the most enjoyable for both dogs and owners alike. It taps into your dog’s innate learning style, bridges the communication gap and empowers owners to teach behaviors without limits and without force.

What Exactly Is this Training Approach?

This training uses the long standing and proven technique of clicker training, a 100% positive reinforcement, zero force and zero punishment approach. It builds on your dog’s natural learning style engaging his mind and making training fun and appropriately stimulating. You get the joy of watching your dog transform without the guilt of punishment or force.

First you will learn about the power of classical conditioning and your dog’s innate learning style, how the clicker serves as the perfect marker for a behavior and the true value behind using it. Next you’ll learn how to effectively work with a clicker and treats – all BEFORE you start working with your dog.

Then you will learn how to condition your dog to his new training approach – i.e. how to associate the clicker with the treat and then the behavior with the clicker (which then leads to the treat). You’ll learn fun, creative ways to teach new behaviors and how to “unteach” unwanted behaviors. What you do with your training will truly be limitless!

Where Can You Go to Get Access?

The next hurdle I wanted to knock down was how owners would access and use these powerful techniques in the convenience of their own homes at a cost they could afford. Utilizing I’m able to upload an unlimited supply of training videos, host a training chat forum and provide unlimited articles on training, health and general dog care providing owners with easy access to everything they need to improve their relationship with their dogs.

Every training video is playable directly online or able to be downloaded to your PC, laptop or smart device for viewing. Related training resources are clearly linked from each video page and can be viewed online, downloaded for later viewing or printed for those who prefer a hard copy. Plus you can get all your questions answered through the training chat forum or email.

When Do You Need to Start Training?

Whether you just bought a new puppy, adopted an older dog or had your pet for years our training approach can help you improve your relationship and open a whole new world of opportunities for you and your dog.

Why Is Our Training Different From Everyone Else?

It doesn’t matter if you are struggling with behavior issues or have a well-mannered dog, training together strengthens your bond and provides an outlet for mental stimulation every dog craves. This is where the true value of our training approach comes in.

Utilizing the approach taught in the videos you not only learn how to teach obedience but also how to work with your dog to train ANY behavior you want. Whether you just want to teach your dog to go lie on his bed or train something super cool like dribbling a soccer ball the training videos will show you how!

But these are not your typical dog training videos. Most trainers put together products using dogs that are already trained and edit out all the mistakes, making it impossible for you to witness how to make corrections for various challenges along the training journey that naturally occur.

Our videos track the training of 6 uniquely different dogs from day one in their training including the setbacks, obstacles and work arounds we were forced to implement on the spot.

In these completely unedited videos you get to witness every mistake, every adjustment and every “compromise” that takes place each step of the way in all 6 dogs giving you real life solutions to challenges you will encounter along the way.

Here’s How It Works

All of the training is done through the online platform using videos, printable documents, recommended resources to enhance training, support through the training chat forum and email, video conferencing (where applicable) and a review of your training sessions via videos submitted by you.

You will have everything you need at your fingertips, accessible in the comfort of your own home or while you’re on the road. How’s that for easy?

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