Are You Ready to Revolutionize Your Dog? A Family Approach To Effective Dog Training

Dog ownership can be a very rewarding experience but for some it doesn’t come easily. That’s because dogs don’t naturally know how to respond and behave in a human environment and vice versa. Behaviors that are completely normal to a dog are often “unwanted” or “undesirable” to their humans. Additionally their means of communication involves body posture, voice tone and energy levels; an approach to communication that is unnatural to the people in their lives.

Partnering with Raleigh Community Animal Hospital we are able to offer state of the art on site training for board and train programs, doggie day care with target training added on as well as private training both on site and in home for dogs who need a little more personalized approach.

Whether you just got a new puppy, adopted an older dog with behavior issues, need doggie day care with some added training, or are battling excessive fear or aggressive behaviors we are here to meet your training needs!

What Exactly Is this Training Approach?

Our training uses the long standing and proven technique of clicker training, a 100% positive reinforcement, zero force and zero punishment approach. It builds on your dog’s natural learning style engaging his mind and making training fun and appropriately stimulating. You get the joy of watching your dog transform without the guilt of punishment or force.

First you will learn about the power of classical conditioning and your dog’s innate learning style, how the clicker serves as the perfect marker for a behavior and the true value behind using it. Next you’ll learn how to effectively work with a clicker and treats – all BEFORE you start working with your dog.

Then you will learn how to condition your dog to his new training approach – i.e. how to associate the clicker with the treat and then the behavior with the clicker (which then leads to the treat). You’ll learn fun, creative ways to teach new behaviors and how to “unteach” unwanted behaviors. What you do with your training will truly be limitless!

As a dog owner and avid dog rescuer I truly understand the challenges that average dog owners face and I wanted to put together a program that offers a practical, effective and affordable approach to improving relationships between humans and their dogs while empowering owners to teach (or unteach) any behavior they want.

What If I Need Help With Aggressive or Fearful Behaviors NOT Basic Training

We cover that too! Using a variety of approaches including the BAT Technique (Behavior Modification Technique) by Grisha Stewart we offer a functional rewards based training to help modify behaviors such as excessive fear and/or aggression reactivity. This approach supports the positive reinforcement training method of zero punishment and 100% positive training.