Dog Training Podcast #2 – Puppy training: Establishing A Routine, Teaching Commands

Dog Talk with My Dog Did WhatIn this edition of My Dog Did What Mikki Hogan, trainer and publisher talks with Kara Weaver as they continue the story of Kara's training with her German Shephard puppy Navali.

To open up the call Kara runs through her day with Navali from the morning walk to the dinner routine. By sharing her schedule you'll discover how practical it is to establish a routine that will increase your training success and help your tire your puppy out.

Many new puppy owners neglect the importance of a regular routine that keeps your puppy on a schedule AND tired. A tired puppy that knows what to expect from his day is a behaved puppy and Kara does an excellent job at managing Navali's day in a consistant manner. You can grab tips from her routine that help you to establish your own schedule as you work on training your puppy.

Beyond the routine Kara has been actively working on her commands including the sit stay and down stay. During this call Mikki discusses concerns Kara has about the length of time Navali successfully stays and tips on increasing time.

Another area Navali was a real challenge with was biting. During our last call Kara discussed how big of a problem Navali's biting was and her frustration with trying to get it to stop. On tonight's call you'll hear a simple trick Kara found to successfully reduce biting in record time.

We all know that training a puppy is no easy task. That's why Kara shares one powerful lesson she learned that helped her adjust her thinking and improve her technique for establishing leadership and teaching her expectations.

Listen in to hear Mikki and Kara discuss:

  • Setting a routine & keeping puppy tired
  • Tips on reducing excessive play biting
  • Training challenges with Down Stay
  • Upcoming goals

As you embark on the task of training your new puppy be sure to listen in for practical tips and techniques that can save you time and frustration!

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