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Looking back I can honestly say I’ve been around dogs my entire life. I was the child that would show up on my doorstep with a homeless puppy or occasional kitten begging my mom to let me keepBoy loving his puppy dog it. Most of the time she said no, but on occasion I would get that yes and those were the greatest moments of my life, at least at those moments!

But my rescue nature didn’t fade as I aged. Rather it grew much stronger. I was the 22 year old wife and mother who would show up on her doorstep with a pup in need as she pleaded with her husband to let her keep it.

In my efforts to rescue dogs I found myself drawn to the less adoptable dogs and a passion to help them become adoptable. And this is where my dog training experiences began. The dogs I encountered typically suffered from:

  • Insecurities due to feelings of abandonment
  • Countless cases of separation anxiety
  • Heightened stress levels leading to agitation and questionable aggression
  • Unusual levels of fear in otherwise healthy dogs

When I began studying dog behavior and training techniques I approached the dogs I worked with from an “out of the shelter” perspective but I soon began to recognize a pattern; these dogs consistently became amazing family pets after some stability and love was offered BEFORE I ever started training. I decided it was time to look at the bigger picture, life BEFORE the shelter and what landed them there to begin with.

What I learned was shocking; 40% of dogs surrendered to shelters each year were owner surrenders. Of those 40% the top reasons listed for surrender were a result of behavior issues including biting, aggression, house soiling, escaping the home and destructive behaviors. Behaviors that can be prevented entirely with the right approach and training!

This is where my study of animal behavior took a shift and began to include human behavior regarding how they interacted with their dogs.

The 5 Biggest Mistakes I See Well-Meaning Owners (And Rescues) Make

As I began working with other dog owners and rescues I noticed several mistakes that seemed to occur across the board; mistakes that alone are not obvious in regards to future behavior issues. It occurred to me that if these mistakes could be completely avoided from the very start many dogs would be primed for obedience from day one. The 5 biggest mistakes I see regularly are:

  1. Dumping a new pet straight into your lifestyle without regard to the puppy or dog’s needs. This occurs when you bring home your new pet and immediately mix them with the current pack and offer free roam with minimal supervision. No boundaries are set and safe, appropriate confinement is not taught. More often than not this leads to unruly dogs that are difficult to house train, begin marking territory, are destructive or who display anxious behaviors such as pacing and excitability.
  2. Leaving dogs for extended periods of unsupervised play is the next mistake that I see everywhere. If you leave your dog for too long play becomes whatever they can come up with and they learn that it’s okay, even if that play involves destroying your favorite flower garden or new running shoes.
  3. The next big mistake I see is inappropriate kennel use/training, especially when it comes to unruly or hyper active dogs. Some examples of inappropriate kennel use/training include bribing them with food then immediately closing the door behind them before they’ve had time to relax (early kennel training), physically forcing them into the kennel and slamming the door closed, leaving them confined for too long, and using a kennel for punishment. Inappropriate kennel use/training never accomplishes what you want. Rather it teaches fear of confinement and encourages your dog to run from you to avoid being kenneled.
  4. Another common mistake that needs to be avoided is guiding your dog by the collar. It’s very natural for us to lean over and grab our dogs’ collar to “move” them from place to place but it’s important to examine WHY we’re doing this and what it teaches your dog. Typically we grab the collar to take the dog away from a prized object they shouldn’t have (food, shoes, inappropriate toys), taking them out of favorite rooms such as moms bedroom, moving them out of our way or to back them up, and to keep them from exiting a door. To your dog you’re physically keeping him away from something awesome and directing him to something lame, thus he thinks of ways to avoid you when you reach for him.
  5. The last mistake I see all too often is inappropriate use of the leash. Your dog’s leash is an invaluable tool when it comes to managing your new friend both inside and out. All too often dog owners rush the leash or use it in a manner that has a negative association to the dog, causing them to become leash shy and resistant to your gentle lead. The common incidents I’ve seen include rushing use of the leash because a dog needs to be walked, pulling (even gently) on the leash when a dog is shy or fearful of their surroundings, using your voice to encourage or comfort and finally using the leash at inappropriate times for punishment or correction.

Recognizing how these unintentional mistakes effect your dog and practical ways to avoid them all together is vital to a healthy, happy relationship between you and your dog.

How These Mistakes Damage the Human/Animal Bond and Your Dogs Desire To Obey

Having read the 5 biggest mistakes you’re likely asking why they are labeled as “BIGGEST” mistakes rather than just common. The reality is most well-meaning owners don’t realize the long-term impact these negative handling interactions can have on their dog, especially if it’s a young puppy between 7 to 16 weeks of age.

The harsh truth is the mistakes above lead to one or more of the issues below:

  • Increased anxiety because your dog can’t figure out what is expected on its own. This occurs when dogs are left unsupervised, allowed to roam without limits and thrown into a new lifestyle without proper guidance. In this scenario there is no real direction given to your dog, only punishment for breaking the rules.
  • An increase in unwanted behaviors leading to owner frustration.
  • Increased “acting out” as a result of being forced into situations they are not comfortable with, verbally or physically corrected repeatedly for natural but humanly unwanted behaviors and no clear direction on desired behaviors.
  • Your dog learns to fear you and what you are going to do to him so he begins running away when you call or approach him.

The ultimate result is weakened trust, damaged confidence and owner frustration, which leads to a damaged bond between owners and their dogs. Once the bond is broken it’s easy for owners to stop caring or abandon their once loved pets because now the pet has become a nuisance, difficult and frustrating at best.

There Is A Better Way to Get What You Want

It’s my goal to help owners build solid foundations from the start to avoid issues down the road and to help owners repair that bond after it’s lost. I’m accomplishing that through my complete training package designed with the average household in mind. The package was put together with the sole intent of teaching you a fun, positive way of communicating with your dog so they WANT to listen every time, even when you’re not home!

  • Imagine if you could communicate with your dog as effectively as the “dog whisperers” without force or punishment.
  • Imagine if your dog was excited and motivated to train with you ALL THE TIME
  • Imagine ending every session with a feeling of love and affection for your dog
  • Imagine your dog ending every session relaxed, content and appropriately stimulated

This is what our training is about – strengthening your bond, providing a universal way to communicate with your dog and teaching fun, engaging ways of teaching the same obedience commands everyone else is teaching.

Before switching over to Positive Reinforcement training you could literally see the dread and uncertainty in my boxer’s eyes. After Just one week of the new training methods she comes to her sessions tail wagging and body wiggling.

But what makes my training package different from everyone else?

Utilizing your dog’s innate learning style my training videos walk you step-by-step through learning how to effectively communicate with your dog and teach in a positive manner without harsh punishment or reprimands. ace-sitIt uses classical conditioning to shape and capture new behaviors and counter conditioning to replace unwanted behaviors with desired behaviors. In my training videos you will learn how to effectively mark and reward the behaviors you want and NEVER need to punish or correct your dog again!

But these are not your typical dog training videos. Most trainers put together products using dogs that are already trained, making it impossible for you to witness how to make corrections for various challenges along the training journey that naturally occur. Our videos track the training of 6 uniquely different dogs from day one in their training including the setbacks, obstacles and work arounds we were forced to implement on the spot.

You get to witness every mistake, every adjustment and every “compromise” that takes place each step of the way in all 6 dogs. And with 6 unique personalities you are sure to find a solution for every possible scenario you will encounter along your training endeavors. Our 6 personalities include:

  1. The high energy runner and escape artist
  2. The alpha dog with serious aggression issues and intense separation anxiety (from his people)
  3. The cool, calm and collected
  4. The adolescent pooch at the peak of his teenage “I know you’re NOT talking to me”
  5. The “I’m just so happy to be alive I can’t stay focused”
  6. The meek, the stubborn and absolutely adorable

“The ability to see adjustments in action is powerful. It’s like having a live trainer right in front of you handling all the stubborn responses your dog throws your way.”

But There’s Even More!

In addition to our “uncut” training videos you get full access to our private members training forum (a $97 value) absolutely FREE for the lifetime of your pet. That’s ongoing training support FOREVER! And the best part, as new training techniques are made available private members will have instant access. If you find yourself facing a new challenge down the road all you need to do is access the forums and ask for advice.

PLUS you can use the training for any future dogs you own, for life.

Now the Price!

dollarThe complete training package offers you over 100 hours of training footage following the progress of 6 different dogs. Each training video is completely uncut so you can see every mistake and adjustment made in real time to help YOU succeed with your unique dog. You get complete LIFETIME access to our support training forums and can use our training for any dog you own now OR IN THE FUTURE at no additional cost.

PLUS you receive up to 2 free hours of one-on-one support either in person (if you’re local) or via video conferencing (for those outside of my area) or video review (for those without access to video conferencing) to help you troubleshoot your technique, your dog’s response or any challenging behavior you are trying to accomplish (additional one-on-one services available at a discounted price).

To receive all of this with the average dog trainer will cost you $65 per training hour, making the above package worth more than $6000. For in house training you will pay anywhere from $3000-$4000 to receive the same level of training you’ll find in our training package. AND this is the estimate price FOR A SINGLE DOG. If you have multiple dogs you can expect to pay nearly the same price, with the exception of a 10%-20% multi-dog discount FOR EACH ADDITIONAL DOG YOU OWN!  For a two dog household (the majority of dog owners) that would come to $5400-$7200 for in house training at its lowest cost for two dogs!

PLUS – In house training trains the dog, not the owner – leaving you dependent on the trainer for any future trouble that might come your way.

Our package teaches you solid, effective and completely positive techniques to train your dog through ANY behavior you desire, without further support – unless you want it. AND the price doesn’t change even if you own more than one dog.

To have access to all of this:

  • Over 100 hours of training
  • Up to 2hrs FREE one-on-one support (in person or video conferencing/video review)
  • Complete access to our online training forums (for life)
  • The ability to train multiple dogs now and forever at no additional cost
  • Ongoing training videos of new behaviors and tricks
  • Access to new and improved training techniques
  • An educational resource for proper socialization and training
  • 50% discount for ALL services not included in the training package (including future services)

ALL OF THIS can be at your fingertips for the low fee of $397. That’s it! That’s all you will EVER pay for the life of your dog or any future dogs you own.

PLUS Try It Risk Free for 30 Days

Because I know choosing the right training is imperative to success I decided to offer a 30 day money back guarantee – no questions asked! Try the training for 30 days and if for any reason you are not completely satisfied just ask for your money back.

That’s right; I’m offering a risk free trial for 30 Days. No pressure. No hard sell tactics. Simply try my training package for a full 30 days and if you don’t like what you see then simply ask for your money back … guaranteed.

If you’re ready to learn a fun, positive, force free approach to training your dog click the link below to get started. And with our 30 day money back guarantee you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain!

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